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Web Technology Experts in BirminghamWe have a combination of skill, experience, expertise and passion and they define who we are; web technology experts in Birmingham. We have been in the industry for a long time and have mastery of several web technologies that have been proven as excellent tools, fit for purpose. For website projects, we developĀ  them such that our clients can edit, update and maintain the websites to a very reasonable extent. We make use of content management systems (i.e. CMS) to accomplish this. We make extensive use of CMSs such as WordPress (general-purpose) and Magento (e-commerce).

Also we use several other CMSs for what they are best noted for and we have listed a few further below on this page. Apart from making use of open source CMSs, we also develop bespoke ones for certain projects and the choice is usually a combination of our evaluation of the project and any keen interest/requirement by the client.


Wordpress is an open source CMS and is the most commonly used on the web today due to its flexibility and effectiveness, among other factors. We are definitely Wordpress experts and can make the best use of it to the benefit of our clients.


Just as Wordpress is the most popular open source CMS on the Internet today, Magento is the leading CMS for e-commerce websites. It is well ahead of other e-commerce CMSs and we have mastered its use and deployment.


Moodle is an open source, elearning management platform used extensively on the web by learning institutions, including several Universities. It is developed with PHP and can be used with several databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.


For certain websites and web services, we develop bespoke content management systems fit for purpose. Often times, this is done based on special requests, so as to be able to fully brand and customise the website/application.


Drupal is a generic content management system just like Wordpress. It is an alternative to Wordpress and specifically requested for by some clients. Not to worry, we have thought about such clients and mastered it as well.


Joomla is also similar to Wordpress, just like Drupal and is one the CMSs that we have mastered as well. It benefits from a very rich repository of extensions in a similar fashion to that of Wordpress and Drupal.


From frontend languages (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, etc), to middle layer coding (PHP, C#, etc) and database design (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc), we make use of them all to develop websites and web apps to meet our clients' requirements.


We make use of Objective-C, J2ME and Enterprise Java to develop mobile applications for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phones. Our team of mobile developers will be glad to turn your ideas into a real-world application.